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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

HP7 Challenge!

HP7 Challenge!

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llama, drama
Okay, so it's a day late (and I'm definitely more than a dollar short :P)...

The first evah weekly challenge for the Toffee Tigahs community!
This week, I would love to see everyone post one (or all) of a few things. Yes that's right folks, you have OPTIONS!

Here they go:

1. Post a poem or haiku about your feelings as book 7 draws nearer and nearer. Or use your poetry to make a book 7 prediction.

2. Create an icon (or a few) related to book 7. Use the title, or portray a prediction through graphics, or even make up a funny situation that could be in the next book and make an icon of it.

3. Tell us what you're doing while trying not to die from excitement from book 7.

4. Or, finally, just post anything related to book 7.

*ligerpounces everyone*

YAYYYY for book 7! I'm almost sad because that means it's the end of it.
  • Yiah! \o/ I plan on doing AT LEAST a haiku for this. I can't believe the Potter journey is going to end... :O

    Where do we post our submissions? In a new LJ Post or as a comment?
    • I should have been more clear with this... Post Submissions as a new LJ Post to the community - that way people can see them in case they don't check the comments. (This is kind of a test phase, so we'll how it works)
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