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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

Ah-hem. Announcementzorz.

Ah-hem. Announcementzorz.

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endings, happy
The LJ community for the Toffee Tigers is now officially open! I will do more editing later... but this is the place to be (and the website of course).

So... get posting! I've got a few fun LJ related things that should help all of our insane selves get to know each other planned... look forward to the first weekly challenge.. well, whenever we get at least one or two more people active on here!

I will see you all later. Hmmm... back to my Plotting.

  • Btw

    I just learnt the difference between 'watching' and 'joining' an LJ community. XD

    I'll join properly now... *clicks the linky link*

    - M
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