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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

Fangirl? Me? Impossible.

Fangirl? Me? Impossible.

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Fear the fangirl
You really want to know my obsessions? Really?

You must be insane. *looks around* Oh, right. Toffee Tigers. Okees, you asked for it. :P

(Note: Anyone who has ever read one of my fangirl posts in my LJ should know that it was pretty much impossible for me to do this post without youtube links or download links. So I included them. :P)

1. Super Junior. I'm new to this fandom but MOGZ, it's so much love. Basically, it's a Korean band with 13 of the cutest, awesomest boys in the planet. (It can be argued that they have 1 girl and 12 boys but we'll debate whether or not Cinderella HeeChul is a girl or not after I drag you into the fandom.)

One of the things I'm really into right now is their show Full House. It's 13 or 14 episodes of these two English-speaking/Korean-learning girls living with these crazy boys. Absolutely hilarious. You can find links to download these episodes here and the soft subs here. Not all of the episodes are subbed yet though. :(

Hm. If I type any more, I'll get carried away and this will become a pimp post. Don't want that to happen...right now. Maybe later I'll make one. So I'll just link you to a SuJu (Super Junior? SuJu? You see?) pimp post which will link you to another pimp post and a lot of pretty links. Me likes pretty links. So click here for Super Junior goodness.

I'll give you a few links from me though. Just in case you skipped the link above. :P
-Heechul speaking English. And failing at singing Let It Be. He's hilarious. XD
-This is Teukie (nickname for Leeteuk) and Eun Hyuk on their radio show, Sukira. They are attempting to read the English fanmail. Leeteuk's voice is LOLOLOL!worthy. *nods* ♥ Teukie.
-This is a cut from Full House episode 7. Kibum, the cuteohmageeziloveyou boy on the right spent 3 years in America so his English is considerably better than the rest of Super Junior's. He still has an accent but after listening to the rest of them speak English, he's fantastic. XD So yeah, this clip is HILARIOUS. Well, hilarious if you remember that both of them are in Super Junior. (Boy on the left, who is also awesome, is Dong Hae.) And if you know that when Dong Hae sings, "Life couldn't get better" that that is a line from their song Miracle. (Best song ever.)

In case you didn't notice, I very much enjoy watching bands from Korea/Japan/non-English speaking places speak English. I loove it. :D

Oh, and in case you wanted to actually see them singing/dancing as they are a band...XD
-One of the many performances of the song Miracle. Looove it. This one isn't live but hey, whatever, they're wearing pink! Peeeeeenk! :D (If you like this performance or want it in a much better quality so you can actually see their pretty faces, I can upload it for you to any server for you to download it. Just ask. :))

Haha, I promise SuJu is the longest. Promise. XD

2. Brian Joo. He's one of the two guys in the awesome Korean band Fly to the Sky (the other one being Fany/Hwanhee). I love him for his singing and personality...and because his English is so awesome. XD (I like understanding what people are saying, okay? XD) This is because Brian was born in California and then moved to Jersey where he lived until he graduated from high school, which is when an agency famous for taking Korean-Americans to Korea and making them famous did just that with him. So he has a Jersey/New Yorker accent. *squee*

-Favorite. Clip. Ever. I've watched this so many times that if I knew Korean, I would have memorized it word for word by now. XD The dance is so cuuute. (Dreaded c-word is allowed outside of common room. :P) This is from a show called Heroine 6 where guys pick from one of 6 girls to "woo" or whatever. Or something like that. I haven't been able to find this clip anywhere other than youtube though, so I can't upload it for anyone until I find it myself. :(

-Awesome clip full of Brian-y goodness. Read the description by the uploader to understand what's happening. (The "HwanHee" he imitates and calls is the other boy from the band he's in, in case you forgot. Not that anyone's read this far. :P) The imitation is especially great because he sounds just like Fany. XD As for the "sexy dance"...well he does that a lot. Makes me laugh every time too. Oh, and the girl who sings in the middle of this is awesome. I have the song (Oopsy) and music video if you want it. :P

Fany gets his revenge on Brian here though. I don't think it's anything like Brian at all but I find it funny anyway. XD

Enough of Brian though! On to the next one!

3. Korean language. As you can see from the last two, I've been sucked into Korea. Being the language lover I am, I've begun my attempt to learn the Korean language. Unfortunately, I've tried this many times before and every time I come to the conclusion that Korean is the evilest language in the world. (For a little while I refused to watch or listen to anything Korean because it made me so angry that I couldn't learn it. XD) They have one of the simplest alphabets out there, other than maybe the Roman/Englishy one but the pronunciation...ugh. See, I'm spoiled since the first language I attempted to self-study was Japanese. Okay, so maybe Japanese has one of the hardest writing systems in the world (opposite of Korean) but the pronunciation is so easy! (People who have studied longer than me would most likely disagree. Oh well. :P) 'U' is pronounced oo and always oo. In Korean, they have a billion (exaggerate much, Jess?) ways to pronounce each vowel and consonant. Rawr. Anyways, I'm trying to learn Korean and trying to fangirl over the language as I do it.

4. Japanese language. Ah, I love the Japanese language. It rocks. So I'm studying it. Self-study ftw. I use yesjapan.com, which I highly recommend to anyone attempting to learn the language.

5. Kanjani8. This band is so full of crack...my gawd. In the best way, of course. Eight (well seven, since one of them is suspended and possibly gone forever for underage drinking >.< *cries for Uchi*) boys singing, dancing, and being absolutely hilarious. I'm getting lazy though so you can search for youtube links yourselves or ask me if you're interested. *nods* (J-Pop band, by the way.)

6. KAT-TUN. Awesome J-Pop band. Love them. Lots. They were one of the first J-Pop groups I ever paid any attention to. I've been a fangirl for about a year and a half I think. Jin's the bestest. (Bakanishi ♥) Again, ask me for links but right now I'm getting more and more tired. XD

Oh, wait. Must give you this one link because this is what I give everyone to get them into KAT-TUN. Worked on quite a few people in #gryffindor. :P

-A performance by the best two of the group, Kame and Jin. (Jin's last name is Akanishi. Thus, this pairing (which was completely canon until the two stopped showing signs of love for each other) is called Akame.) You don't even need to pay attention to the singing. Just watch for Jin's hips 49 seconds in. *_____*

7. NewS. A very cute J-Pop band, currently with 6 members. (Started out with 8.) They went on a year long hiatus after two of their members were suspended within a few months of each other (yes, one being the boy from Kanjani8 as both Ryo and Uchi are members of both bands). They returned for the Johnny's New Year's concert. (Johhny's is the agency that owns KAT-TUN, NewS, Kanjani8, and more. Ruler of the J-Pop world, really. Male version of Hello!Project, if you've heard of that.) It was a very emotional time for the NewS fangirls. Really, I even cried watching them perform for the first time in forevers. :( They've released a lot of stuff since them, including their awesome song Hoshi wo Mezashite (Reaching for the Stars) which talks about starting over and being great and stuff...so that made a lot of fangirls cry because it directly relates to the band's struggles and whatnot. The amount of fangirling over that music video was absolutely insane. I've never seen my f-list with so many icons of one video.

8. DBSK. Awesome Korean band. Also known as TVXQ, TVfXQ, DBSG, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki, and THSK. All depends on what language you're speaking and how much you like acronyms. XD

If you don't love them after watching this music video (Balloons), or at least think that they're adorable...I don't even know what to say. XP If you don't like the cuteness (or even if you do), you can watch this (Rising Sun) since it's the complete opposite of Balloons other than its awesomeness. XD

9. SS501. Another Korean band of 5 boys. Up until now, all of these have been related in some way to another one. DBSK and Super Junior belong in the same agency called SMTown, the agency that also "owns" BoA, a very popular Korean singer who even some of my friends who don't listen to Asian music at all know of. KAT-TUN, NewS, and Kanjani8 all belong to JE. SS501 is different in that they are very popular but not part of one of those big agencies. (Their agency is pretty well known but other than one other girl group that split up, SS501 seems to be the only real success for them...*shrugs*) Anyways, that's not really important. What's important is that they rock. A lot.

-Coward music video. So cute. :D

-4 Chance music video. So. Awesome. Especially Leader, who is the first person you see. (7 seconds in) Leader + Sunglasses = WIN. ♥ XD

-Snow Prince music video. While Coward is my favorite music video, Snow Prince is definitely my favorite song by SS501. :D (Their names, in the order that they sing a solo, are...Leader (Hyunjoong), Baby (Hyungjoon), Kyu, JungMin, and YoungSaeng. As you can see, Leader and Baby's names are very close and I still get the names confused so many fans refer to them as Leader and Baby since Leader is the leader and Baby is the youngest. :))

10. Harry Potter. Duh.

11. Bread. *nods* Yep, you read that correctly. Bread pwns all other food. :P

12. The Colbie girl Thal mentioned. Probably wouldn't have remembered her if Thal hadn't mentioned her since I don't fangirl over her as I fangirl the people/bands above, but she really is an amazing singer. Downloaded the iTunes free song by her and I looove it. :D

13. Dancing. Like the kind the people/bands above do. With the step, twist, step, yay stuff. XP Okay, so maybe I'm not good at it but I likes it. Hehehe. (Don't tell anyone though. Seekrit. :P) I was attempting to learn Dakishimeru by BoA awhile ago but didn't get too far. I'd like to learn it before I go back to school though.

14. Iced tea. Yeah, it's full of yum. Especially the "Joe's Iced Tea" brand. Delicious, yo. *nods*

15. Livejournal. I'm in the middle of giving my entire Livejournal a makeover and it's a lot of fun. I finally narrowed down my collection of icons far enough that I have 102 icons I can use, giving me 5 extra spaces for any new fandoms. :D It was very difficult though...I started with over 200 and that was before I could even go searching for more.

16. The internet in general. Really, with all of the overseas fandoms I am part of, it would be close to impossible for my fangirlishness to survive without the internet. I love technology. XD

17. Hana Kimi. What a fantastic drama. :D The Japanese one, of course, as I'm a huge Shun fangirl. And a new Hiro (Nanba) fangirl. I plan on watching the Taiwanese version after the Japanese one though.

18. Ligers! Love you Ligers. ♥ I haven't had much time to post on the forum though lately. (Please, don't ask how I don't have time to do things like post but I have time to do things like make this entry. I don't even know the answer.)

19. The TRAX. I forgot it as it's one of my newer fandoms and I tend to forget them a lot. XD They're this really awesome band. Thing is, I was attracted to them first because of their awesome drummer who I saw in this music video (Triangle - DBSK featuring The TRAX and BoA). Now every time I start to like a member of a band before researching the band itself, bad things happen. Like once I decided I loved Kusano (NewS) and Uchi (NewS and K8), I found out that they were both suspended. So, of course, once I went onto one of The TRAX's fansites to look for this drummer (stage name: Rose) I found out that he left the group over a year ago. Sad, right? Anyways, I still like the band. They have some great music. It be K-Rock. *nods* (Apparently, this is one of the reasons they are not too popular. They can't do too well in Korea because in general, Koreans like K-Pop more than K-Rock and they can't do well in Japan like many Korean artists because the J-Rock scene is so big.)

Oh, and they're part of SMTown with BoA, Super Junior, and DBSK.

-Paradox music video. Loves it. :D Rose is in this one. \o/ He's the blond one. XD They do have a really good lead singer though...and bassist...and guitarist...so I guess they're okay without Rose. :( They've been using substitute drummers and one of the guys from Super Junior (Si Won) was actually their drummer in one performance I watched. It was so cool. XD Especially since Si Won doesn't seem like the rocker type at all. He's all about hugging the rest of Super Junior and being all gentleman-y. Not that rockers aren't like that but it's just not really the personality Rose portrayed in the performances and videos he was in. XD So yeah, I found that cool.

20. Running. It's a cool sport. Especially cross country, since I seem to be better at that than track. Too bad I broke my toe so I won't be able to run for two weeks or so. Practice doesn't start for another two weeks but we're supposed to run for a month before practice. Oh wells.

Done. No, I didn't do that all at once. :P Did you ask for that much? Absolutely not, you'd be crazy to. So why did I write that much? I enjoy dragging others into my fandoms.

Cookies to anyone who actually read every word. XD
  • I wants my cookies! *nods lots* Nice fangirling there Jess, though I don't really get half of it. Never got into the random Korean/Japanese stuffs. (At least not yet... I don't think I have the time.)
    • Cookies for Thal! W00t! XD *steals a few* Delicious. XD

      OH BUT YOU WILL. One of the first Weekly Events things on IRC will be me introducing everyone into my fandoms. Bwhahaha. XP

      No one has the time. Well, you definitely have less time than me since you have a life but that is no excuse! It totally is but ignore that fact. I didn't have the time before. It's weird how much easier it is to sleep less when you have to spend that extra hour watching the newest performances. XD

      (Seriously though, I do get what you mean. Fangirling takes way too much time. If it wasn't so addicting and impossible to get rid of, I'd break the habit in a second. That's a lie. I wouldn't be able to because my fandoms are far too amazing. XP Unfortunately, it is, so I'm stuck neglecting dens and summer camps and things while I procrastinate by watching pretty boys dance. I need to find the person who got me into this mess and smack them. Really. XD)
  • LOL! Omg. I had to stop half-way because it was taking me too long to read while I'm working...and I hadn't even clicked the clikies yet! XD

    But I'll read it all later, promise! It's got heaps of things in there to have a lookies at and catch on. *nods*

    And I'll check out Hana Kimi too since I've just finished HYD (Wheeeee! Sojirou is kawaiiiiiii!). \o/ AND, for learning Japanese, I don't know if you've seen this site yet Jess, but I've been checking it out and it's been pretty helpful so far! http://japanese-online.com/
    Side note: Japanese pronunciation ROCKS! The vowel sounds are the same as Maori (and Spanish) so it's fun to speak it out loud like a fluent speaker! XD \o/ YEIYA!
    Korean sounds heinous. I don't think I'll go there (yet?) myself. Give me languages I can talk before knowing what I'm talking about any day!

    But seriously, you pwn fangirling listing Jess. XD *bows down to juu* Uberly.

    - Marie
    • XD Take your time. The fandoms aren't going anywhere. Other than to maybe different countries. Most of the bands are known all around Asia, ya know. :P

      Yes, Hana Kimi rocks and is definitely a great drama to watch after HYD. (I LOVE Sojirou. XD) Although, if you're slightly new to dramas (are you? I forget XD) and haven't watched Gokusen yet (have you? I forget again XD), I'd suggest Gokusen as it's a great drama to watch if you're newer to dramas. Seems like everyone loves this drama so much (for a good reason! It pwns XD) that it draws them in even closer to the world of dramas, also dragging them farther into the Japanese love. XD

      Don't know if you watched HYD 2 after HYD but doood, HYD 2 is FANTASTIC. XD

      I also recommend 1 Litre of Tears because it's my favorite drama evers but I'd watch that after you've watched a bunch of other ones. You need to build up on happy before watching 1LoT. XDXD (I cried every single episode but it still managed to end up as my favorite drama ever. Yeah, it's that amazing. *nods*)

      Enough of my recommendations though. :P I still have way too many dramas to finish of my own! Nobuta, Summer Snow, the new ones, and a lot more. Must get on that.

      Did I mention that Hana Kimi's Sano Izumi is the same actor as HYD's Rui? The same AMAZING actor. My second favorite actor EVER (because no one can stand up to Johnny Depp). Oguri Shun! Yeah. He's also in Gokusen. He is...ugh, too amazing for words. XD

      I have seen that site, actually! :D I've heard a lot of good things about it. Well, a bunch of people I know have tried it at least. Not sure how accurate it is, as I haven't really tried it out too much yet (not that I'd be able to point out mistakes anyway >.<) but it looks great! Thanks for reminding me of that. *adds to bookmarks*

      Japanese pronunciation does rock! Ohmageeez. XD I LOVE when random things are in hiragana and I just start rattling off the paragraph. When I get to the end, everyone always says, "What in the world did you just read?" and I always respond, "No idea but I know that I pronounced it correctly!" XD Same thing with Italian. I can read Italian paragraphs with a very much believable Italian accent and have no idea what I'm talking about. Yesh, I looove languages where you can read it before you know what you're saying. :D

      Question. I know I should probably know the answer but I'm forgetful. XD You're fluent in Maori, right? I apologize for knowing absolutely nothing about the Maori language and NZ (other than that they both rock) so forgive me for anything I say that seems like it should be common sense but is it your first language? Or is English? Or boooth, like you grew up with both. (Sorry for being nosy but I'm too curious for my own good. I've been wondering since I saw the Maori post on your LJ which, by the way, was awesome just to look at and attempt to translate with the awful Maori-English translator online...although it very well could have been a sad/angry post and I didn't know it.)

      Korean absolutely kills me. I recently discovered that one of the reasons I suck at the language is that I can't roll my r's and apparently that's important in Korean. Oh pshhhh, I'm going to try to get by with an awful foreign accent then. XD

      Haha, thank you. Sad thing is, if I wasn't so eager to post this and addict people to my fandoms, I could have written much longer. I have no life. XD

      *looks up at length of comment* My gawsh, I do like to rant, don't I? XDXD

      • (Re-posting cos' the HTML stuffed up TWICE!!! XDD)

        You call that a comment?! XD



        Gawd I loved reading that one. \o/

        Now erm.

        Yeap, Marie is slightly new to Jdramas! \o/ And I was just about to start Gokusen too! Matsujun and Oguri Shun are on it! Yuuussss!
        And how could I not go through HYD2 as well after seeing HYD1?! I tell you what, it was hard, but I actually waited a whole WEEK before I sat down and just watched the rest of the episodes in one sitting. XD My comp trickled after the HYD1 one day session so I was trying to stall between HYD2 eps...but well. *sigh* It trickled once again.
        *notes 1 Litre of Tears in notebook* I'll get to that one eventually too. =D

        OGURI SHUN RULEZZZZZ! Omg. He...he...*swoons* The part where Rui tells Tsukasa he's serious about Makino then gives him a punch and he's all staunch and then giving Tsukasa a piece of his mind...! *faints* And, and like in the first season I thought he was stirring and everything (the F4 fight was funneh XD poor Sojirou and Akira getting dragged in it though)...but in the second season...omg. I was thinking Makino should go with him. Jeez he was just. o_O *swoooooons*
        But still. Sojirou. XD

        And what else you got there...

        Oh yeap. I'm fluent in Maori and it's my first language, but I was brought up in both. I somehow taught myself to read English at a young age (so my mum says, I have no recollection of ever learning, just always reading) so my English language actually came from books! (I went to total Maori immersion pre-school, primary, and secondary school so I've never actually been taught in English!)

        And you checked an online dictionary on what I said?! XDD What did you get??? I'd be interested to know if you got anywhere with the translation...XD FUNNEH! \o/ And yeah, I was upset/angry because I was working on this CRAPPY resource that we (the business I work for) had to do an audit for - to check for mistakes and make sure the language (it was in Maori) was appropriate etc - and they were PACKED with issues and mistakes and I was pulling my hair out at all the small crappy details...grrrr. Stooooopid people. I just got rid of that work today too... I thrashed #toffeetigers because of it. O_O

        Anyways, I gotta go!


        PS *voted for your dad's shop* XD I'll take your word on it. XD
  • Hey, I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a hug and updated collection of Brian's pics, vids and news. Besides, u can find lots of other gasoo's stuff here. Hope you enjoy it ^^
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