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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

My 20 Favorites of Now, LJ Weekly Challenge

My 20 Favorites of Now, LJ Weekly Challenge

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endings, happy
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazing.
2. Being able to decorate my new apartment. Living alone is wonderfully fantastic.
3. Vicodin. (My toothache is horrible. So, vicodin is my favorite until I get it fixed, hopefully tomorrow.)
4. Colbie Callait (sp?)... she is a wonderful singer/songwriter.
5. The Pierces - two sisters whose music sounds like they threw a witch and a gypsy in a blender... in the best possible way.
6. My homemade potato bacon soup. That really hit the spot.
7. All of the new random 'applications' on Facebook.
8. My iPod shuffle. It gets me through the day!
9. Morrowind (a highly addictive video game)
10. Glamour and Self. Yes, I'm a magazine addict.
11. Living behind the Tastee Freez is amazing. Just gotta walk across my yard for ice cream and other treats of tasty goodness.
12. Loose tea.
13. Mountain dew is my vice.
14. Dancing, which I have been getting to do lots of lately! :D
15. So You Think You Can Dance.... I am absolutely addicted to that show, and it got me looking up dance stuff online, and for about an hour I was determined to go next summer to NYC and attend the New York Hip Hop Conservatory's Summer Intensive program... 3 hours a day, 6 days a week for two months. Then I realized that was about 3,000 dollars I will NOT have, plus spending money.
16. Guys and Dolls. The University here just preformed it, and I've been obsessed with the soundtrack since.
17. Gold eyeshadow. Enough said.
18. Trying to put my hair up with just a pencil/pen.
19. The cheap theater. There's 3 movies there I want to see right now. It's like two or three dollars instead of regular theaters that are like 8. I definitely am going to go see Shrek 3, which is there right now.
20. Counting down the days until I am done working at the Bird Food Plant and starting school again!!!!!!
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