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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

My Predicted HP7 Book Buying Experience

My Predicted HP7 Book Buying Experience

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Bada BOOM ba BANG!
Goes the glass of the door shop
Stampeding legs run

"ME FIRST!" I will yell
Wildly flinging arms 'round
"Move, move MOVE people!"

Marching to buy books
To a Harry Potter beat
Trampled by the mob

I will see my goal
Stepping on a banana
Slipsies I go down

Looking up to see
My worst nightmare come true-ish
Empty shelves and dust
  • Heh. I hear you on that. Nice poem. I gotta go do this challenge thing. You'd think I'd be first, since I made it and whatnot. *is lazy*
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