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The Inane Ramblings of an Insane Bunch

Toffee+Tigers= crazy{squared}

Toffee Tigers Den


August 3rd, 2007

You really want to know my obsessions? Really?

You must be insane. *looks around* Oh, right. Toffee Tigers. Okees, you asked for it. :P

(Note: Anyone who has ever read one of my fangirl posts in my LJ should know that it was pretty much impossible for me to do this post without youtube links or download links. So I included them. :P)

1. Super Junior. I'm new to this fandom but MOGZ, it's so much love. Basically, it's a Korean band with 13 of the cutest, awesomest boys in the planet. (It can be argued that they have 1 girl and 12 boys but we'll debate whether or not Cinderella HeeChul is a girl or not after I drag you into the fandom.)

Find the rest of my fandoms under here...and the rest of Super Juniorness :DCollapse )

Done. No, I didn't do that all at once. :P Did you ask for that much? Absolutely not, you'd be crazy to. So why did I write that much? I enjoy dragging others into my fandoms.

Cookies to anyone who actually read every word. XD

July 30th, 2007

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazing.
2. Being able to decorate my new apartment. Living alone is wonderfully fantastic.
3. Vicodin. (My toothache is horrible. So, vicodin is my favorite until I get it fixed, hopefully tomorrow.)
4. Colbie Callait (sp?)... she is a wonderful singer/songwriter.
5. The Pierces - two sisters whose music sounds like they threw a witch and a gypsy in a blender... in the best possible way.
6. My homemade potato bacon soup. That really hit the spot.
7. All of the new random 'applications' on Facebook.
8. My iPod shuffle. It gets me through the day!
9. Morrowind (a highly addictive video game)
10. Glamour and Self. Yes, I'm a magazine addict.
11. Living behind the Tastee Freez is amazing. Just gotta walk across my yard for ice cream and other treats of tasty goodness.
12. Loose tea.
13. Mountain dew is my vice.
14. Dancing, which I have been getting to do lots of lately! :D
15. So You Think You Can Dance.... I am absolutely addicted to that show, and it got me looking up dance stuff online, and for about an hour I was determined to go next summer to NYC and attend the New York Hip Hop Conservatory's Summer Intensive program... 3 hours a day, 6 days a week for two months. Then I realized that was about 3,000 dollars I will NOT have, plus spending money.
16. Guys and Dolls. The University here just preformed it, and I've been obsessed with the soundtrack since.
17. Gold eyeshadow. Enough said.
18. Trying to put my hair up with just a pencil/pen.
19. The cheap theater. There's 3 movies there I want to see right now. It's like two or three dollars instead of regular theaters that are like 8. I definitely am going to go see Shrek 3, which is there right now.
20. Counting down the days until I am done working at the Bird Food Plant and starting school again!!!!!!
Ok, these will start to be more regular now as I am finally going to be getting reliable internet in about another week. *jumps up and down from excitement*

This week's LJ Challenge is simple. Everybody post a list, of your 20 favorite things in the world right now. We wanna know your obsessions. Yep yep, it's time for some rabid fangirling over everything you love!

July 10th, 2007

Bada BOOM ba BANG!
Goes the glass of the door shop
Stampeding legs run

"ME FIRST!" I will yell
Wildly flinging arms 'round
"Move, move MOVE people!"

Marching to buy books
To a Harry Potter beat
Trampled by the mob

I will see my goal
Stepping on a banana
Slipsies I go down

Looking up to see
My worst nightmare come true-ish
Empty shelves and dust

July 5th, 2007

Woot woot for being first!!!
...... I think.

Anywhoo. I'm going to answer number three.
What am I doing not to die over anxiousness of the book coming out?
I'm trying to get through life!!!! And almost every day till that day is full of things to do.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Saturday I'm going out with my best friend who just graduated and she's going off to another state to college so we're gonna go hang and see a movie. Sunday I have church. I start band next week. Leadership Camp is Monday. Tuesday and Thursday is pre-camp, and because i'm flute section leader i have to go and guide all the little flutie freshmen. (gah, i love my fluties!! they love drama, but i still love 'em!!) Wednesday I have more church. Friday.... I think I'll have to work the race-track... and then I'll turn around and see HARRY POTTER THE MOVIE, in which I SHALL enjoy seeing Ron again on the screen without feeling guilty because well, we just won't get into that. [*points to her livejournal for reference*] Sunday is more church. And then the entire week before the book comes out [Monday through Friday] I have a wonderful thing called BAND CAMP to attend from 8 AM to 8 PM. The last band camp in my life, thank GOD. Then the next day the book comes out and hopefully will be delivered to my door so I don't have to run to Wal-Mart hoping they still have a copy left!!!!
I'm done.
Go me!!!

July 3rd, 2007

HP7 Challenge!

llama, drama
Okay, so it's a day late (and I'm definitely more than a dollar short :P)...

The first evah weekly challenge for the Toffee Tigahs community!
This week, I would love to see everyone post one (or all) of a few things. Yes that's right folks, you have OPTIONS!

Here they go:

1. Post a poem or haiku about your feelings as book 7 draws nearer and nearer. Or use your poetry to make a book 7 prediction.

2. Create an icon (or a few) related to book 7. Use the title, or portray a prediction through graphics, or even make up a funny situation that could be in the next book and make an icon of it.

3. Tell us what you're doing while trying not to die from excitement from book 7.

4. Or, finally, just post anything related to book 7.

*ligerpounces everyone*

YAYYYY for book 7! I'm almost sad because that means it's the end of it.

June 13th, 2007

The LJ community for the Toffee Tigers is now officially open! I will do more editing later... but this is the place to be (and the website of course).

So... get posting! I've got a few fun LJ related things that should help all of our insane selves get to know each other planned... look forward to the first weekly challenge.. well, whenever we get at least one or two more people active on here!

I will see you all later. Hmmm... back to my Plotting.

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